The Biggest Ass Hole Yet

women's right to vote

I was seriously thinking about making this person my January Ass Hole Of The Month but want to keep the Ass Hole Of The Month posts to topics more on a national level, that affects many.

It was just a regular Friday. I needed to go to the restroom and passed through the hallway. I cam across 3 male coworkers bullshitting and laughing, complete with coffee in their hands.

“Ok, I’ll ask her….” the newest member of our company piped up while looking at me like innocent prey. He has already successfully pissed off 1/3 of the company thus far; Hot Mess included. His only job was to arrange the logistics of trucks within a 2 state radius, to bring in inventory. I’ve coordinated the logistics of inventory from fucking China so you can probably understand my frustration with his idiocy. Since starting in October, I would say his pickup rate has dwindled to about a 70% on-time rate. And of course, failure to pick up shit is everyone’s fault but his.

“I never got your e-mail.” (This is his favorite line but he’s too stupid to realize e-mails don’t automatically go away once you send it. So I just find the e-mail he claims he never got to pick up my shit and forward it to him.)

“No one came to the door.”

“You didn’t give me a 24 hour notice.”

“It didn’t fit our truck.”

“A pallet was left behind.”

But I digress. Here is what he asked me (I shit you not):

“Are you in favor of abolishing women’s suffrage?”

“No.” I responded.

“Do you even know what women’s suffrage is?”

“Yeah, it’s a woman’s right to vote” I responded, completely dumb founded at this point.

Let the rant begin….

This wasn’t fucking 1943. . The government isn’t going to ban women from voting so why on God’s green Earth would this ass hole even ask something like that? This was on par with asking someone if they were in favor of sacrificing newborns to some sort of God. Neither is appropriate to ask or consider.

It’s not the fact that he probably thinks women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, that is offensive. That’s a given and there really isn’t any reason to waste offense on his thought process. What offends me is after grilling one of the 2 guys present about why that was even being discussed, they confirmed what I thought was happening: it wasn’t the topic of conversation. Ass hole asked me this in an attempt to make me look stupid in front of coworkers. Thank God he failed.

Now, I am of the school that sometimes there are people out there who are their own worst enemy. Sometimes it’s best to grab some popcorn, pull up a chair and watch this shit show of a man unravel, digging his own grave. It’s not going to happen next week and maybe not even next month but he is doing this to himself- putting nails in his own coffin with regards to his career.

So what now? Do I let it go? Do I go to HR? Remember, this isn’t the type of person you can pull aside and explain how they offended you and they are open to apologizing. This type of person feels he is extraordinary, never is wrong and is a victim when convenient. Help peoples! How do I deal with this ass hole? I’m open to all suggestions!


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