A Hot Mess Happy New Year!

New Years Eve

We were invited to a friends house for New Years Eve. Because there are soooo many activities (a pool, indoor hot tub, pool table, so on and so forth), it’s like going to a personal amusement park for the evening…with alcohol.

I’ll be real, not really happy about the Buckeyes playing on New Year’s Eve at 7. As some of you know that with the exception of soccer, I hate sports. I would rather binge watch C-Span than sit down to 3 hours of football or endure a baseball game.

So tonight after the ball drops and if I can still feel my face, I will write about my resolutions because I have a few. I figure if I tell you guys, you may hold me accountable? I don’t know.

What are all of you doing for New Years Eve? Party? Dinner? TV watching? Drinking? Tell me! Tell me!! Tell me!!!!



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