Who I Voted For, Why and Respect


I have stayed neutral regarding the election- before, during and after. I’ve never lied about my feelings on the candidates but I’ve stayed vague. I reached my boiling point last night after a loved one was insulting me just because of who I picked and let’s give a big round of applause for wine as the conduit to get to that point. Because of this argument this other person actually damaged property and shoved me from behind. So you know what? I’m going to lay this on the table for all of you and state my position & why. I will not allow comments for this post as this isn’t a debate, it’s my view point. I trust my opinion and freedom to choose will be honored, knowing my views are free of malice. This may be a snore fest so feel free to not read.

As an American I am proud of our great country and how even if your candidate doesn’t win, we come together and support the new President. I’ve never called people names or insinuated they were one thing or another based on their political choice, that’s just textbook disrespectful. Supporting the American president is along the lines of “these are the cards you’ve been dealt, make the best of them.” I’ve had my candidates win (Obama) and I’ve had my candidates lose (Romney), but I respect them both. I’ll be real….it was EXTREMELY HARD for me to accept Bush as president. Bush Part Deux is who I am talking about as I was too young for Bush Part Une to vote.

So here is my thought process and how I feel about everything.

I did not like either candidate. I felt the choices were like choosing between a Brazilian wax or a colonoscopy. I wanted to ask Vanna what was behind Door #3 and Gary Johnson or Jill Stein didn’t count. Not knowing what was happening in Aleppo was inexcusable.

I am independent. I attempt to understand each candidates stance on issues. Most importantly, I look at their track records of successes and weigh how important those successes are to me.

I WILL NEVER VOTE for someone based on who Hollywood tells me to vote for, who is considered the more fashionable candidate to vote for or by any amount of ill treatment posed by supporters of another candidate.

I’ve never been so insulted in my life over an election. I was literally in the closet with my choice because of the vicious ridicule on social media and in just talking with people. I learned later, there were millions of people like me (I know as we discussed it in secret). They knew that if they publicly announced who they were voting for, they ran a chance of disrespectful back lash. I was scared that suddenly family that have known me all my life and know where my heart is, was prepared to cut me off because of my choice. I voted for Trump. There, you have it.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way:

First, let me say I acknowledge Trump has made horrible choices with words on more than one occasion. Some people lack tact. I do want to call out 1 thing that is extremely misleading. I know some think Trump mocked a disabled reporter. I researched this as there is always 2 sides to a story. Serge Kovaleski, the reporter has a disability called Arthrogryposis which restricts movements and does not involve flailing of the arms/ no spasms. The thing Trump was mocking was a flustered reporter, attempting to backtrack on his article. Trump also does the exact same impression when imitating Ted Cruz. I’m sure Trump’s face, squished up like that, hands flailing about, is what Melania envisions every time Trump wants to have sex. Sorry, that is the ADD kicking in.

Reasons I voted for Trump:

I am tired of the same thing in Washington. Every president I have hope and I am inspired, thinking things will be better. I’ve never been pleasantly surprised. I like that Trump is not from Washington and he is a fresh pair of eyes. His bluntness is a curse and a blessing. I’ve heard him say things I could only dream a well-coached candidate, choosing every word carefully would say about different issues.

I’ve always thought we needed a tougher vetting process to gain entry into the country, especially folks coming from areas of the world that love, love, love terrorism. This view was solidified when my sister and cousin were in lock down last month because of a student turned terrorist from Somali, hell bent on killing. This will not stop immigration, it will just put a 300 pound, ex-marine bouncer at the door versus Bob from accounting.

I’ve seen how much wealth he was able to build. I think one of the biggest reasons for voting for him was his business sense. America is a business. We need to make money, we need to be mindful of money coming in and money going out. We can be friendly with our competitors but we cannot give away the store. Politicians often times do not have that business sense. As for the 4 bankruptcies, you have to dig a little deeper to understand there are different kinds of bankruptcies and have different meanings when they occur in million dollar companies vs personal. It’s not as black and white as it may seem.

I appreciate that I can see his flaws. Since I was a child, when I came across someone to good to be true I would be on my guard and it usually paid off. Anytime I heard a couple exclaim, “we never fight!” I think that might as well be a pre-divorce announcement. I can’t quiet express to you my disdain for the politician that wears a plastic smile while conveying a carefully thought out response that will offend absolutely no one and will absolutely never happen. Every answer is vanilla and every answer is perfect. Perfection is a red flag for me.

If I thought for 1 second Trump would impede on civil rights or cause harm or restrictions to the people I love, I would never of voted for him. There are too many procedures and policies in place to prevent anything close to this ever happening. We have checks and balances in America. He isn’t going to enter office and before you know it, Muslims are outlawed and gay marriage and women working, will be deemed illegal. He could serve for 8 years and this wouldn’t happen.

I’ll say this,  I’ve sat there and been insulted by loved ones and the very people who gush about how accepting they are about your choice EXCEPT for who you are voting for. Because I voted for Trump I’ve been called a racist, a hillbilly, ignorant….I mean it goes on and on and on. Let me set the record straight: I am not a racist, I am not a hillbilly and I some how managed to obtain my bachelors degree.

Now you can be mad at me for my choice but you do not have the right to disrespect me. I won’t be mad at you for who you chose as I realize everyone has the right to chose. Just remember, you’ve made choices in your life that people were not accepting of. They were literally mad at you because you didn’t think exactly like them. This thought process is the very definition of narrow minded.


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