The Angel On My Shoulder Bitch Slapped the Devil on the Other Shoulder

Bank Deposit Gone Wrong

I pulled into the drive thru bank this morning to deposit $50. I was pretty much negative in my account and payday isn’t for another 3 days. I put the check and deposit ticket in the little capsule and sent it on it’s merry way. I prefer the bank drive thru as the tellers can judge me from afar rather than in person on how much money I don’t have.

When I received the receipt back showing how much was deposited and my current balance, I did a double take as  this is what I was holding:

Bank Deposit Gone WrongThe teller had messed up and deposited $500 in lieu of the $50. When I looked up at the window, she had already disappeared. No one was there and no one was in line. I could have left and trust me, given my financial state I thought about it. Then the angel on my shoulder was like “What the hell? You can’t drive off with $450 that is NOT YOURS!”

So begrudgingly I rang the stupid call button and waited a few seconds till train wreck came into view.


“Um, I only deposited $50. You accidentally deposited $500 into my account.”

“Oh my, there wasn’t a dot after the 5-0 so I assumed it was $500! Let me fix that right away and I’ll get cha’ a new receipt. Thank you so much for letting me know!”

There are 2 things I gathered from her response:

A. apparently in her universe, $5000 and the words fifty dollars equal $500


B. She really didn’t take ownership for her screw up.

So here is the before and after of my balance……

before and after bank receipts

So  now I figure I need to play the lottery because that’s how karma works. Wait, I probably just screwed that up, didn’t I? That’s probably not how karma works.

How did I get so lucky?


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