Paying Utilities Are The Worst!

I get that there really isn’t anyone on Earth that finds pleasure in paying their utilities. If they exist, they are what I like to refer to as sick puppies.

Unless your a gabillionaire, utilities sneak up on you just when you think you have a little extra money to blow. You know what I’m talking about. You go to check your balance, estimating $340. Instead what pops up on the screen is $33.47. WTF! You scramble to see if your accounts been hacked only to find:

7/31     TIME WARNER     $230.61

Just tell me this, am I the only one on Earth who grossly misjudges her bank account ALL-THE-TIME? It’s amazing how what seems like just a few purchases (Starbucks, Wendy’s, tweezers, movie tickets, etc.), suddenly leaves you pondering if you should pawn your pearl necklace.

And by the way, that RIDICULOUS amount I quoted above is our monthly cable/internet bill. I told my husband this is ludicrous given streaming services like HULU and Netflix.

“Yeah but we can’t get live games,” is always his excuse.

“So.” I say under my breath. Honestly if I don’t see another sporting event on t.v. for the rest of my life, I’m good.

Basically, we are throwing money away so he can fall asleep to the sound of a soccer game. Awesome. I have heard of something called Sling and someday will check it out. Apparently there are live games??

Then I have to remember to actually pay the utilities. It is not uncommon for me to wait till the night before or the day of shut off to pay the bill. Why? I guess I like the ridiculous illusion that I have money in my bank account. If I wait till the 11th hour, I just had that much more time with money. Stupid, I know.

TV is turned off all the time. Why? Because I have taken on the responsibility of paying the utilities. I could give 2 shits if the cable is turned off and for internet I can use my phone as a hot spot. My husband on the other hand treats the cable like one would the electricity.

Speaking of electricity, if it’s shut off you have to pay $100 to have it turned back on again and that’s if you catch them in time. I’ve had it shut off twice I believe. Hasn’t happened in a few years and may it not ever happen again.

Water? Ah this is a favorite of mine. Favorite because I pay it bimonthly, the day before the water is to be shut off. Then they make you pay the thing in full which pisses me off beyond belief. I know, it’s my fault.

How do you handle utilities? Any tips on how to change my overall outlook on this horrible, pain in the ass, adult task we have to deal with?


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