Don’t Mess With My Simple Pleasures

I am a very patient person. Even if I’m screaming inside from agitation and annoyance, I am mindful that I respond to people in a polite manner with a smile on my face. The one caveat though is this: if you or your company needlessly messes with my simple pleasures, I’ll cut a bitch.

I have now listened to Wayward Pines, all 3 books, twice each. They are THAT good. Please go out and buy them immediately. I have faithfully watched Wayward Pines all last season while every night, posting things on their social media as to why it didn’t make sense to have it as just a mini series and why leave money on the table. To my happy delight, they figured out how to have a season #2.

My son loves the tv show almost as much as I do. Lately, it’s the only show between ESPN, soccer and basketball that we can watch then talk during commercials.

Last night at 8:51 p.m, P announces “the tv is acting weird and no channels will come on.”

Relieved he conveyed this info before the show, I made my way over to fix the issue. Panic set in when after 2 minutes the tv was still black. At 8:53 I called Time Warner, attempting to keep my shit together.

“Allo!” A customer service rep answers sounding just like Tattoo from Fantasy Island. He was bubbly and couldn’t wait to solve all my customer service issues.

In an inappropriate desperation I blurted out, “my tv is all black and my favorite show is coming on in 7 minutes. Go!”

“Thank you Mizz XXXX, I wood be ha-pay to ree-solve your issue and I do apollo-izze for any inconvenience. Vhat is going on today?”

I won’t go into details on this little exchange just know it took 20 minutes too long and by the 21st minute I was punching my fist into the sofa which surprisingly hurts if you are not part of fight club. Tattoo got the tv working but 30 minutes too late so I continued to be enraged. I did what every other self-respecting consumer does in 2016, I hit up their Facebook page and explained what their product had caused me.

After about an hour of conversation between me and Time Warner, I had bitched enough and moved on to other options to find my show that had just aired. I checked On Demand, all the nooks and crannies of Time Warner’s website, Fox tv, Amazon Prime and Hulu. I am of the instant gratification generation and all be damned if I was going to wait 23 hours to watch my Wayward Pines. At 12:03 a.m. I gave up and went to bed.

Thoughts? What is your simple pleasure that if anyone messes with it all hell will come raining down on them?


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