2 Amazing Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale Sign

Bravo to the fun, “have a sense of humor” residents of my town. It’s the simple things that make us smile and the below signs did just that. Though I didn’t go to their garage sales because junk is the last thing I need to bring home (am I right?), I did take the opportunity to almost get rammed from behind for stopping in the middle of the road to take these pictures. It was my duty. You’re welcome.

best yard sale sign ever

This second one may be a little tougher to see but basically says: BUY ALL THE THINGS!

Buy all the things garage sale sign

I mean, with signs like this, I want to go to their garage sale…even if it’s just to say your signs are awesome!

Any of you have garage or yard sales planned for this year? For my overseas friends, what are they like? Same set up? An old man offering a nickel for an IPad?


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