First Successful Penis Transplant

I never, at any point, suggested I am mature in my thinking and half the time, I cannot control what I like to call “the funny” that sometimes is generated in my head. As you may imagine, this particular topic generated a whole suite of thoughts.

As I was driving to work today, our local morning radio which has been around longer then electric, reported the first successful penis transplant. Honest to God, here is what went through my mind:

  1. First successful penis implant? Jesus… many unsuccessful transplants were there? What was it like waking up to doctors telling you a. you still don’t have a penis or b. it was accidentally attached upside down or something. Poor guy.
  2. What happens if you are 1 color but the available penis is another color? Hope your not a peniless racist because your screwed.
  3. Was said penis put on ice in a cooler during transport?
  4. Ready to use in months? What? Able to urinate now? What? Let’s take this a little slower. You’re really going to be pissed at yourself if you break it before it’s even out the door.

And here was my biggest thought: You’ve heard of organ donor families meeting the recipient and placing their hand on the recipient’s heart for example to feel the heart of their deceased family member to feel closer right? As a penis recipient, would this ever come up? Would you have to allow it or would you flat out be like “look, it’s really amazing your family member donated but there is no way in hell you are touching my member.”

Just sayin’…….

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