Paying It Forward…On Condition

Last week I went through the drive through at Starbucks. I have been part of their frequent coffee whatever program since 2010 and was cashing in on my free drink. I was broke so the timing was perfect.

I went through the drive through, rolled up to the window and handed her my phone to scan.

“Actually ma’am, the car in front of you paid for your coffee and croissant already.”

“No way? Seriously? Oh my gosh, that just made my day!”

For a split second I thought about using my free drink for the person behind me but then I thought “nah….”

When I came home I told my husband what had happened.

“That’s cool. Are you going to pay it forward now?” He asked.

I thought for a second then answered honestly.

“Well yes but I need to pick my person strategically. I have to make sure I don’t pick the Secretary picking up Starbucks for the entire office.”

“It’s not about the money,” he retorted.

“I get that but I can’t afford to pay for the person who’s buying for an entire orphanage.”

“News flash Little Orphan Annie, orphanages don’t go to Starbucks to pick up coffee for a house full of children.”

“You get what I’m saying though. I can’t be the dick who says, ‘I’m going to buy for the car behind me’ then they say ‘ok, that will be $27.31’ and then I’m like ‘nah, I changed my mind. Ok, how about the person 2 cars behind me? Then they respond it will be $18.99. See honestly, I want the car that is purchasing a sugar packet. I mean, what if I have to look like the devil and say, ‘you know what? This pay it forward thing isn’t really working for me. Perhaps I’ll try the line at White Castle.” This is pretty safe considering I haven’t eaten a White Castle since 1998.

“Your a train wreck sometimes,” he said nonchalantly.

“I prefer hot mess.”



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