Things That Annoy Me In Addition to Switching Over to

In addition to trying to figure out how the hell to get all my followers back and how annoying this whole process of changing over to the dark side of has been, it occurred to me that there are a lot of REALLY annoying things out there and a lot of things that annoy me. So before my sleeping pill and the wine I washed the sleeping pill down with takes hold, here is my list of annoyances:

The wind

Ketchup juice- you know that stuff that comes out before the thick goodness of ketchup.

Mustard juice- please see above ketchup reference

When two cars are driving exactly the same speed so that you cannot pass either of them

People who bring their phones into the bathroom and talk on them, especially in public restrooms

Pretty much any sort of car maintenance including but not limited to:

  • The BMV
  • Oil change
  • Getting new windshield wiper blades
  • Car payments
  • Getting new tires
  • Cleaning my car- either manual or someone else doing it
  • Having to get gas

Mail that you think is going to be a check but it’s really just an offer for a $15,000 loan for a used car.

People who don’t pay attention and sit at a green light and you honk and they still sit there and then you just flat-out miss the light.

Girls/women that sneeze in that really high voice because they think it’s more lady like? I’m still trying to figure out the motivation. All I want to say is, “that is neither cute nor acceptable. Please don’t do that again.”

Getting your sock on wrong so the line that is supposed to go above your toes is creeping to the middle of your foot, just taunting you.

State of the Union Addresses during shows I’ve been looking forward to watching. This crosses lines.

Getting in the “short lane” at the grocery store only to discover you’ve gotten behind the person that needs a price check on organic cucumbers, forgot an item and is writing a check.

Having to fill out the same f’ing form every other time you go to the doctor’s office “just in case” something has changed.

The person that sends you an e-mail then stops over approximately 4 minutes later to explain the e-mail.

So did I get them all? Surely not. What bugs you? There are probably 500 other things I didn’t think of.




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