I Don’t Want to Do March Madness? K?

March Madness

Without fail, I get an e-mail like this for whichever company I am working for: march madness sucks

As soon as I get this e-mail, I instinctively put my head down as if the teacher is going to call on me. With the exception of soccer (or football as my wonderful friends across the pond call it, you’re welcome), I don’t give 2 shits about a March madness bracket. Filling out basketball brackets would only result in me looking like a complete moron.

I let my husband and sons know of this pickle I was in.

“I’ll help you fill them out.” My oldest announced.

“Yeah but how much does this even cost?” I asked.

“Maybe $5 or $10 bucks.”

I didn’t say anything but in my head I was thinking, ‘I’m not giving $5 to some stupid basketball game when that $5 would buy a perfectly good grande vanilla latte at Starbucks.’

Honest to God, here would be my “NCAA bracketology” as I know nothing of basketball:



Why isn’t it all filled out? Because I got bored and this is pointless. I do think Colonel Sanders would have won though.


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