Travel Log Day 2- Hours 3 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Travel log day 1 can be found at Travel Log Day 1- Everything is Gonna Be Ok

“Can you please give me ear plugs? I’ve been up since like 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep cause of dad snoring.” P said while shaking me awake.

It was 3 a.m. and technically this was what time I woke up today. My husband snores like a 400 lb gorilla and there was no way in hell we would be in a hotel room together without ear plugs. I’ve gone out of my way in the past to obtain ear plugs when I had forgot them on vacation.

We headed down to breakfast at 7:20 since we had to leave at 8 for an ETA of 8:50 on the soccer fields. My children started the day off with an amazingly healthy breakfast consisting of a bowl of fruit loops and 3 sausage patties. C differed slightly and selected fruit loops and a Belgium waffle.

The fields were 30 minutes away and I had the honor of driving to them since my husband “isn’t good with directions.”

We arrived at the nicest fields I’ve ever seen, complete with a brick parking lot. Soccer moms were everywhere, dressed in their Sperry rain boots clutching their Dooney and Burke bags. To my delight, the field was turf, no mud. Additionally, there were football stadium stands. My ass was numb before the game even began. It was around 60 and partly sunny so for once, we weren’t uncomfortable.

The game took FOREVER. We anticipated a loss and that is what happened. 2 to 1. I wasn’t really upset because my son was guest playing.

1/2 way back or 15 minutes into the drive my son asks, “Dad, you got my backpack, right?”

“I don’t have it.”

“Yes you do, I gave it to you to hold.”

Because this area wasn’t already enough of a delight to drive in, I was forced to find a side street to turn around on and go back to get his stupid backpack. By luck, I chose a street that resembled this one:

hot mess trip to soccer

Lombard in San Francisco

Even the homes were candy colored and resembled the Victorian homes of San Francisco. No one had drive ways and the width of the street was only condensed by everyone parking their Porsches and Audis on the sides. I wanted to scream. Mercy came when we got to a few new builds that actually had driveways that I could turn around in.

Once back on the field there was no backpack. We had P’s teammate in the car and he decided he would look at his phone when they returned from backpack looking. He then announced he received a text 20 minutes earlier, to tell P that he had his backpack.

When we returned to our room it was lunchtime. I saw a restaurant I would love to try-Bouquet. Seeing that 5 boys and 3 fathers would be attending this lunch, my Steel Magnolia-esque restaurant would be voted out. The day before my oldest declared they needed to eat wings for both lunch and dinner each day, I succumbed to this truth and found a local pub called Cock and Bull.

Because we brought a small orphanage in to eat, our food was taking extra long. I was bored and decided to entertain myself by checking out a few of the cute shops on main street of Covington. I asked my friend’s daughter, E who is 14 if she wanted to come. We were the only females and just wanted to take a breather from the soccer talk.

I saw a tattoo sign and decided to have some fun. I sent the following picture to E’s mother. E was scheduled to go to Build a Bear with C and I: tattoo parlor Her reaction was not what I wanted so I sent the following text:
Anyway, no reaction.

That was 3am to 1pm. The day gets shittier..



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