Hot Mess’s Guide to Understanding the Election Process-Intro

I’m not a political person and I don’t understand a damn thing about the election process. If you asked me yesterday morning I would say this:

“I vote for a candidate but somehow my vote isn’t truly a vote?? I have no idea.”

So I thought, ‘I can’t be the only American dumbfounded when it comes to the entire process?’

As citizens, we were taught so well having a chapter in social studies in the 5th grade and sprinkles of it here and there till senior year. Sure, you have Government classes and clubs but lets be real here….we would be bored out of our skulls and didn’t want to partake in that. So basically it’s up to the citizen to relearn it again if they care.

I always get mad at sites when I anticipate a really dumbed down version of what an electoral college is, only to discover the site is patronizing me and assumes I already know the building blocks. I typed in “idiot’s guide to understanding the election.” I got one of the idiot’s guide answers, clearly written by a political savant:

electoral college

courtesy of

Frustrated I googled: “teaching children about the election process.” Obviously I needed to dumb this whole train wreck down. I received results from:

  • Disney
  • Scholastic
  • School House Rocks
  • PBS

Despite being alone in the room, I still looked around to see if anyone was watching then I clicked on Disney. Hey it’s Disney, the cartoon is probably going to be amazing. Don’t judge me. Unfortunately the player/plug in thing wasn’t working on my tablet and I didn’t want to dig deeper and I couldn’t stay focused. I moved on.

Eventually I found a few sites and I am going to publish a few posts to teach you about the election process if you don’t know about it (with of coarse my own special spin on it). If you are that political savant, holding your brandy in your cherry wood library, in front of the fire place….just skip these posts. Sure this maybe a little boring then my usual posts but if you don’t understand the process….stick with me so we can learn together. I leave you again with a funny thought from my last post:

hot mess memoir creepy picwp-1457110726937.jpg


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