Can You Guess My Age?

Ok, let’s have some fun. I am going to list my favorites over my life. Based on what you know of pop culture, can you guess how old I am? For those of you that read my blog and know how old I am, please allow the others to guess.

As a 4 year old, I adored Grease 1. I once went to the salon at JC Penny with a picture of Sandy and said “can you make my hair look like this?” 2 hours later I had a tight perm and crying into my pillow.

As a child, my sister (hot mess sister) and I would belt out “Like a Virgin” in the grocery store, dancing in the aisles as my mother attempted to grocery shop.

As a tweener I NEVER missed ALF on NBC.

SWATCH was the thing. At one point I wore a watch in my hair and/or 2 watches on my wrist.

I never listened to Nirvana or Guns-N-Roses. Instead I was listening to Janet Jackson, Love Fool by the Cardigans and Salt N Pepa.

During my internship with Ralph Lauren, I went up the World Trade Center elevators to the top deck to exclaim, “I can’t believe this cost $11 to come up here. What in the world?”

My first date with my husband was seeing Titanic. I drooled over Leonardo DiCaprio.

In college I would NEVER miss an episode of Will and Grace.

I had a brief conversation with Paris Hilton at her most famous time. This is when she was dating Nick Carter. Was that his name?

I am the black widow of Presidential candidates. I have attended both John Kerry’s and Mit Romney’s rally’s only for both of them to loose.

I am no longer carded at the grocery store. Instead, the grocery clerk just motions approval to me via their chin lift.

So how old? I would love to know how old you are and how old you think I am. If you think I’m 84, cool. Call it a pop cultural experiment. 🙂




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