The Great Marketing Minds….

Target's beef jerky add

This is what I envisioned in my head when I turned the final page of my beloved Target ad and found 10% off beef jerky. Dumb I know. Just let it run it’s course.

Target Board Room, Minnesota-3:30 P.M. 

Marketing Director- “We need something that will really drive sales 1st quarter. What can we add on the final page for January, week 4 sales ad? Any ideas?”

Well qualified employee #1-“We could offer 10% off Star Wars outerwear?”

“Nah, everyone is doing Star Wars. Overdone.”

Well qualified employee #2-“We could continue the Superbowl message since the Superbowl is the following week?”

“I don’t watch football and I already compromised when I agreed to the other football items on the other page. Next.”

Douche #1, making $74,500, only paying attention to his Iphone till he has his 1 thought of the day-“Uhhhh….I had some bangin’ beef jerky last night. We could do like 10% off jerky?”

Marketing Director- “Brilliant. Simply brilliant. People, let’s get photography on this right away. We need a direct shot of all the beef jerky we carry. Get creative to add 10% off on the images. We are going to make millions people! Millions!”


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